Frequently Asked Questions

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Q) How do I gain access to the HealthSun Provider Portal?

A) As the HealthSun Provider Portal contains sensitive information, gaining access to the portal requires an application process.

  • If your organization already has access to the portal, please see your administrator for access.
  • If you are a participating provider with HealthSun, you can fill out the online application
  • If you are a non participating provider, you must fill out the paper application:
    1. Go to our main website to download an application.
    2. Fill out the application (either digitally or by hand)
    3. Fax or email the application to your provider services representative OR fax it to 305.489.8110
    4. Once the application has been processed, you will be emailed your administrator credentials. This typically takes 4-5 business days.

Q) What are the minimum requirements for the HealthSun Provider Portal?

A) The Provider Portal has been tested in:

The HealthSun Provider Portal does not work in Internet Explorer 8 or below.

Q) What happens if my account is locked?

A) For security reasons, we only allow 3 failed lockout attempts every 15 minutes. If your account is locked, you must wait 15 minutes and try to login again. If you've forgotten your password, please contact your administrator, or request a new password

Q) What happens if I forget my password?

A) If you forget your password, you can either request a new password from your administrator, or use the forgot my password functionality. Please note that it can take several minutes to an hour until your reset email arrives.